Local presence.

Regional strategy.

Global success.

Borderless and global, we are committed to making your employees happy. Our bespoke human capital management services and innovative global payroll solutions empower global businesses everywhere.

Your trusted HR function outsourcing and payroll consulting partner

  • Your trusted outsourcing partner
    Multinational corporations around the world trust us to simplify their employment tasks and to facilitate global growth.
  • You can count on our success-oriented teams
    Your daily HR tasks will be attended to, both locally and globally. Rest assured that these HR projects will be delivered on time and on budget, leaving you to focus on your core business goals.
  • Your results-driven specialists
    Supported by a team of experts specialized in local culture, languages, laws, and business protocols, our tailored solutions deliver timely, measurable results along with bottom-line savings for clients.
  • Growing to meet your needs
    You can count on our suite of global payroll products and 800+ in-country payroll experts and HR specialists who provide HRM solutions and consulting. We support 8,000+ clients globally (5,000+ clients for global payroll).

  • A global reputation you can count on
    Since inception, Mercans has gained the trust and loyalty of multinational companies on every continent.
Free consultation
Free consultation

What Can you Expect from Mercans?


Say goodbye to offshore call centers, legacy systems, fragmented data, and multiple SLAs and contracts.
Our SaaS products, HR Blizz and Mesaar, combine proprietary technologies with the human touch of our HR specialists.
  • All your data on a single dashboard, accessible anytime, anywhere
  • A fully compliant, self-service platform packed with smart features
  • Fully-integrated HRM processes and financial data
  • Centralized workflows that streamline global payroll and HRM operations
  • Automated calculations to speed up payroll processing
  • No subcontractors
  • Systems which meet international compliance requirements including GDPR, ISO 9001, SOC 1, SOC 2, OWASP ASVS 3.0 and more.
Trustworthy. Consistent. Reliable.